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Rodney Collins

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Rodney Collins is a traditional country music entertainer who has performed with legends Vern Gosdin, Doug Stone, Daryle Singletary, and currently touring with Ronnie McDowell. Besides performing, Rodney Collins is also a successful business owner of 3 country music venues, first The Kokomo Country Palace in Indiana, The Music City Bar and Grill in Nashville, TN, and now the former Texas Troubadour Theater in Nashville, now renamed The Troubadour Nashville.

Preserving the history of traditional country music has been Rodney's passion with much success, and these stages have presented country music legends along with local up and coming talents. Vern Gosdin was a very close personal friend who opened a lot of doors for Rodney, and was a huge influence on his life and music. The song, "I Can Tell by the Way You Dance (You’re Gonna Love Me Tonight)" originally recorded by Vern Gosdin is a personal favorite of Rodney's, produced by Jim Vest, legendary steel guitar player who played on all of Vern's hits, and Buddy Hyatt Nashville producer.

When not managing his country venues, Rodney can be seen performing on stage with his band The Tennessee Hustlers with his own special flair and audience engagement.

For fans who have never heard your music, can you pick three words to describe it?! If three words just aren't enough then tell us more!!

Fun, energetic, and REAL COUNTRY! There is nothing like the adrenalin rush of being on stage and singing with traditional country fans singing right along with you! It doesn't matter how many times you sing a song, the audience that comes in to Music City Bar and Grill and The Troubador Nahville relish not only the music, but the stories and history behind the songs!

What is your favorite part about being an artist? Is it songwriting, performing, recording, something else?) Tell us why.

I have always loved performing and singing and have fond memories of my great friend and mentor Vern Gosdin who not only encouraged me, but opened many doors in the music business for me. I was blessed to also perform with Doug Stone, Daryle Singletary, and am currently touring with another great artist and friend, Ronnie McDowell. I do have original music that will be released on an album this year which I am very excited about as well. I love the history and traditions of country music and own the Music City Bar and Grill in Nashville, as well as the historic newly acquired The Troubadour Nashville (which hosted legends with The Midnight Jamboree, Cowboy Church, and Music City Hayride formerly as The Texas Troubadour Theater) I am passionate about preserving the history of great traditional country music in Nashville, and am so blessed to be involved with my wife Jennifer running these venues. My family is supportive and involved along with musicians and staff that celebrate country music and it's history every night, and I could not be more blessed to showcase some of the finest musicians around Nashville!

Can you tell us what being in the recording studio is like for you?

It is an honor to work with A list musicians and I am looking forward to releasing my originals along with a duet with my good friend and star Ronnie McDowell! The studio is a place where magic happens! The song, "I Can Tell by the Way You Dance (You’re Gonna Love Me Tonight)" was originally recorded by Vern Gosdin and is a personal favorite of mine. My recording of this classic was produced by Jim Vest, legendary steel guitar player who played on all of Vern's hits, and Buddy Hyatt Nashville producer. This song as my first release is a tribute to Vern Gosdin who not only was a friend, mentor, and father figure when I first started out, but a legend. I shall always love him and never forget his talent and influence.

Okay, this a fun question. When you are not doing music, what else do you enjoy doing?

I own 3 music venues so that definitely keeps me busy! I enjoy sitting in the audience and watching and listening to the great bands that perform on stage. I love my family, friends, and all the people that support my music projects and visit us in Nashville. The people who come in feel like family and nothing makes me feel greater than knowing that the music makes people happy. This has been a lifelong passion and dream, so the artists I have met in my journey have also become great friends. We enjoy hanging out and supporting each other, on stage and off, and I am proud to support country music and preserve it's history!

Who do you admire most in the music scene today and why?

Two of the best Vern Gosdin and legendary Ronnie McDowell. Enough can't be said about their level of talent and impact on me! Years ago when I first gigged on Broadway, I was on the circuit with musicians like myself playing on the strip. I made sure to bring those talents from my early years to the stages at Music City Bar and Grill, and The Troubadour Nashville when I opened them . Tim Culpepper, Mike Oldham, Ronnie Lutrick to name a few have been entertaining as pros for years. We're blessed to have local Rhonda Vincent pop in and surprise our guests along with other stars. You never know who you might see in Music City but the level of talent is amazing. I admire their dedication and hard work to their music!

Can you tell us what song you've written that is the most emotional and describe the meaning behind it?

Second Hand Smoke is a favorite among some friends of mine, and other originals are being written and recorded as we speak. I don't want to give away all the titles yet on my upcoming album but some are very personal and others are fun, but they're definitely the heart of country! I am hoping people will follow me on my social media while I continue this journey in to the studio, and stream or download I Can Tell By The Way You Dance (You’re Gonna Love Me Tonight) my tribute to Vern Gosdin which is now in all music stores. I wish he was here to sing it with me. He will never be forgotten!

Are you working on any new material right now or what's in the works for the upcoming year?

I am excited to open The Troubadour Nashville, a beautiful theater with excellent sound, country music history, and the best dance floor around. We had a beautiful Christmas show and New Year's Show, and will be showcasing regional Country artists and big acts, as well as still featuring our great Nashville musicians. That, being on tour with Ronnie McDowell, and keeping Music City alive with country music, and recording an album will definitely keep me busy! But I love every minute of it!

Tell us where fans can access your music.







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