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Larry Jay

Country-pop singer-songwriter injects truth with hopeful lyrics and tasty melodies, to create his own brand of Award-winning Americana-tinged southern fried music. A first runner-up in multiple songwriting contests, including the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Larry Jay says he started writing and performing music “To set my soul free.” Jay has performed at the famed and historic Troubadour in Los Angeles, and he’s shared the stage with Neil Young sideman and member of Crazy Horse, Sonny Mone. Larry Jay’s is a The New York native, now residing in California.

For fans who have never heard your music, can you pick three words to describe it?! If three words just aren't enough then tell us more!!

5 chords and some truth.

What is your favorite part about being an artist? Is it songwriting, performing, recording, something else?) Tell us why.

I like recording and songwriting first--see question 3 performing second especially when I'm in the zone.

Can you tell us what being in the recording studio is like for you?

I like working in my home studio--It's like painting--I create sound waves and feel like an artist.

Okay, this a fun question. When you are not doing music, what else do you enjoy doing?

Teaching my son to drive--its scarier then a roller coaster.

Who do you admire most in the music scene today and why?

I admire Luke combs in the country genre because he's overcome adversity-and he's honest and writes great songs --he was passed up for the voice tv show because he wasn't "interesting or beautiful" and now he's 1 of the biggest country stars.

Can you tell us what song you've written that is the most emotional and describe the meaning behind it?

Into the wind---it's about overcoming adversity.

Are you working on any new material right now or what's in the works for the upcoming year?

I'm always writing new songs and in the future I plan to keep the flame of music going on in my life.

Tell us where fans can access your music.

You can hear Larry Jay weekly via Livestream on his Facebook page.

Stream on Spotify.


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