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Javiere Inniss

Javiere Inniss is a self-taught musician, producer, and singer-songwriter who creates music inspired by artists such as Coldplay, Jack Johnson, and Bruno Mars. In his songs, Javiere talks about his dreams, goals, struggles, and past experiences for his audience to relate to and share positive messages.

For fans who have never heard your music, can you pick three words to describe it?! Energetic, Hype, and Relatable!

What is your favorite part about being an artist? Is it songwriting, performing, recording, something else?) Tell us why.

Hands down, a lot of things are my favorite in general, but recording music is the process that excites me the most because I can choose different effects, instruments, and edit music in all sorts of ways.

Can you tell us what being in the recording studio is like for you?

I wouldn't entirely call it a recording studio because I mostly record in my right in my bedroom. I recently got some LEDs and it feels like I'm in a DJ party room. It has plenty of space for me to record, experiment with different sounds, practice, and have fun in general.

Okay, this a fun question. When you are not doing music, what else do you enjoy doing?

I love to do graphic design, video editing, dancing, writing blogs, reading, and learning anything creative-wise. I sometimes watch a bit of Netflix and YouTube to relax after a long day.

Who do you admire most in the music scene today and why?

I admire Jacquline Jax from AVA Live Radio the most in the music scene today because she is giving out a lot of things that are going on in the music industry and shares other indie artists (such as myself) on her and the team's radio and YouTube channel!

Can you tell us what song you've written that is the most emotional and describe the meaning behind it?

A song I've written (and recently released) that is the most emotional is called "Away". I've shared it to friends, family, and coworkers and most of them felt like they wanted to cry and some actually did! I wrote this song in 2018 to express the feelings and emotions I had when I disconnected from a friend for a while. I wanted to tell them how much I missed them and what is going on now since then.

Are you working on any new material right now or what's in the works for the upcoming year?

Yes! I'm actually planning 3-4 more singles and a 12-track album by September! I'm hoping to have it out by the 16th. I'm already in the recording process and getting some people on it! I'm really excited because there are gonna be some different sounds and chords that I created before I made the album.

Can you give us a few places where fans can find your music?

Fans can go on these sites:




And updated about new projects and content: Instagram Twitter


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