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The group California features Les Fradkin (vocals, piano, Mellotron, guitars, bass, Producer and Songwriter) as it’s founding Original Member who still leads the group to this day. They were Laurie Records recording Artists in the 1970’s and 1980’s. California had several hit singles during that time period including “See You In September”, “Jeans On”, “Summer Fun Medley” and “He’s Almost You”. Other California highlights included an appearance on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand TV show singing “Summer Fun Medley” as well as a Top 50 UK Chart placing for “He’s Almost You”. In fact, in 2020, a California B-Side “Paris (1945)” roared to the top of the Dutch and EU Charts. Now, California thunders back at RRO Entertainment with all new material. California returns with Les Fradkin and Loretta Pieper Fradkin - Vocals, Songwriter and Co-Production. Les and Loretta have co-authored numerous hits during 2022, including 8 consecutive #1 UK Indie Radio Chart hits for Les Fradkin as a Solo Artist, several #1 hits on Los Angeles, California Indie Radio as well as “Under The Covers” placing at #50 in the Billboard Media Base CHR Activator Chart. For 2022 release, California presents it’s brand new Original Hit Single “Perfect World”! and latest album, “California Loves You”. For fans who have never heard your music, can you pick three words to describe it?! Pure Commercial Pop.

What is your favorite part about being an artist? Is it songwriting, performing, recording, something else? Producing and recording. On our time. And our decisions.

Can you tell us what being in the recording studio is like for you? When I was young, I work in various major recording studios, but for a long time we’ve been doing all our recording in our home studios. Okay, this a fun question. When you are not doing music, what else do you enjoy doing? Traveling. And seeing the world. Who do you admire most in the music scene today and why? We are so busy with our own recordings and productions and videos, that we really, unfortunately, haven’t had much of a chance to listen to current music. Can you tell us what song you've written that is the most emotional and describe the meaning behind it? That’s an easy question to answer. The finale of a new album “California Loves You” is called. “We still love you”. It’s one of our most emotional performances and it’s basically a love letter to our fans both past and present. Are you working on any new material right now or what's in the works for the upcoming year? We are quite busy at the moment promoting our brand new album which just came out January 10, 2023. It’s called “California Loves You”. Tell us where fans can access your music. Spotify




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