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Ahmad McCown

Updated: Jul 10

For fans who have never heard your music, can you pick three words to describe it?! If I were to choose three words. I would choose: positive, inspirational, and uplifting. A great writer from the blog Dancing About Architecture described my music as "Positive Pop," which I think has a nice ring to it. Shout-out to Dave Franklin for writing such an awesome review. What is your favorite part about being an artist? Is it songwriting, performing, recording, or something else? That's a great question! I would have to go with songwriting. The reason why is because I feel that's the starting point. It starts with how I'm feeling. Once I'm able to gather my thoughts together, I begin to write them down. After I write them down, I begin to play notes on my keyboard, and then the rest.

Can you tell us what being in the recording studio is like for you? When I'm in the studio, I feel like I am home. I feel like it is where I was meant to be. I remember when I walked in there for the first time, I felt like a kid in the candy store. I could not get over the fact so much music can be created in just one room. Okay, this a fun question. When you are not doing music, what else do you enjoy doing? I enjoy reading and listening to motivational videos. Personal development is something that I take very seriously. I believe that we should all make an effort to spend time with ourselves and grow our minds. Who do you admire most in the music scene today and why? I admire anyone who has the effort to pursue music because it is not an easy road. I respect anyone decides to take a leap of faith and invest in themselves. I am the type of person who supports anyone who follows their dreams. I am an advocate for dream chasers. Can you tell us what song you've written that is the most emotional and describe the meaning behind it? "Ahmad Is My Name" is a song that I feel is the most emotional to me. That song is about me re-introducing myself to the world. I call it an emotional song because of the message I'm trying to deliver. In the song, I talk about how I plan on using my God-given gift to help make a difference. Later in the song, I say that we all need to unify to make the world a better place. In other words, I'm here to make a difference. However, in order for me to make a difference, I need help from all of you.

Are you working on any new material right now or what's in the works for the upcoming year? This year I am focusing on brand-building and promoting the music I currently have. I'm currently researching website building and merchandise. I don't plan on recording anything new until next year.

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About Ahmad McCown Ahmad McCown's journey into the world of music began with a simple stereo, a keyboard, and a dream. Born in Georgia and raised in Delaware, Ahmad discovered his passion for music at a young age. As a toddler, he amazed those around him by quoting song lyrics with remarkable accuracy, signaling the beginning of his love affair with music. Growing up, Ahmad McCown found inspiration in the sounds of legendary artists like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Luther Vandross. Their timeless music ignited his creative spirit and set the stage for his own musical aspirations. Alongside these icons, Ahmad was also deeply influenced by contemporary artists such as Tevin Campbell, Babyface, Boyz II Men, Musiq Soulchild, and Donell Jones, among others. Driven by a profound passion for music, Ahmad McCown is determined to create a lasting impact in the industry. His focus lies in crafting material that resonates with listeners for years to come. For him, music is not just a means of artistic expression; it is a gateway to forging cherished memories. Aware that he is at the beginning of his musical journey, Ahmad acknowledges the importance of continuous growth and learning. He seeks inspiration from established figures who have achieved significant success in the world of entertainment, recognizing that true mastery requires humble beginnings. Ahmad McCown firmly believes in the power of personal inspiration. He hopes that his own journey will inspire others to follow their hearts and pursue their true calling in life. With unwavering faith, Ahmad recognizes that everyone possesses a unique gift bestowed upon them by a higher power. It is his conviction that utilizing and sharing these gifts is a testament to gratitude and a fulfilling life. As Ahmad McCown sets out to make his mark in the music industry, he approaches his craft with dedication, determination, and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of music. Through his artistry, he aims to touch hearts, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting legacy.


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