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Behind the Song is a fun way to get know some of the best independent artists and bands in today's music scene.  It all starts with great music. Every artist is pre-screened to bring you the best talent from around the world. Through intriguing questions, you will discover fascinating facts about great the independent artists and bands "behind the song."  Discover your next favorite independent artist or band on Behind the  Song!


Bryon Harris,

President, BWH Music Group

About BWH Music Group

BWH Music Group

Sound & Promotions

BWH Music Group works with today's emerging independent artists to achieve common goals in sound and promotion offering mixing and mastering,  PR (reviews, & interviews), and an international podcast (Indie Talk). 

Bryon William Harris "BWH"

Post-Production Engineer

Bryon William Harris "BWH" is the President and Founder of BWH Music Group. Quickly emerging as a well sought after mixing and mastering studio, BWH is known for working with an outstanding roster of independent artists from around the world in all genres.  Maintaining one of the most selective studio rosters in the independent mixing and mastering arena, the artists on the BWH Studio Roster have received hundreds of independent music awards, charted on Billboard, opened for major acts, and more.


To learn why exceptional independent artists use BWH Music Group to mix and master their music, visit our website.  

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